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Sian Watkins began her career in 2007 as beauty technician.


In addition to standard beauty training courses, she began to specialise in a variety of eyelash treatments having undertaken specialist courses in London.


In terms of the tattoo treatments, there are different levels of qualifications and Sian researched the most reputable course which was in York. She travelled there every month for two years to ensure that she was fully trained in the most modern and effective treatments, adding to and perfecting her skills in this area.


As new techniques are launched, she always ensures that she undergoes the best training possible. For specialist micro-blading treatments, she took four different courses in Knightsbridge, London undergoing training from world-renowned experts from Serbia and Hong Kong.

In 2016, Sian travelled to China where she was personally invited by one of the world’s leading micro-blading experts to demonstrate her techniques at an international exhibition.


In the same year, she was runner up in the UK permanent make up championships; and this May has been chosen to go to Russia as a judge in an international permanent make up competition.


Sian’s extensive experience is recognised by world leaders, making her one of the top professionals in the industry and one of the top microblading technicians in the UK.

More recently, she has teamed up with Croatian-born Ksenjia Karabegovic, an international microblading trainer for Bio Tech, one of the leading, global brands. Sian and Ksenija will be developing an international training academy, and Sian will be delivering all training across the UK.

Our Salon

Salon Main Room

Our fully furnished salon is extremely comfortable and welcoming. Let yourself relax in our company as we take care of you.


Our staff look forward to welcoming you to the salon. We’ll make sure your visit to us is an unforgettable experience. Hopefully you’ll be coming back again and again.

Our Products

Our Brands

Realistik Beauty

The starting point and our main brand for beauty and semi-permanent makeup treatments.

Cosmetik Clinic

Our latest venture, the Cosmetik Clinic specialises in non-surgical treatments to enhance your beauty.

Sian Watkins Training

Sian’s soon to be launched training academy, helping beauticians who want to take their skills and understanding to the next level.