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What is Microblading?

What is microblading and why you should do it

What is Microblading?

Where did Microblading originate?

Microblading is a form of micropigmentation (semi-permanent makeup) which is also known as eyebrow embroidery. This technique was first observed in Asia. It is sometimes wrongly titled, ‘the Japanese method’, as information was circulated that the technique came from Japan, but evidence suggests that is was developed in other parts of Asia.

How does Microblading work?

Realistic and face changing results are possible using hair strokes techniques. These techniques involve manually depositing pigment into the basal layer of the epidermis. This method does not use a machine with the artist being the power source. The tools used are all pre-sterilized and 100% disposable. Unlike a machine, a Microblade, in the hands of a professional, leaves a thin perfectly defined hair stroke.

What is a ‘’good Microblader’’?

Over the last 12 months, microblading has understandably gained a reputation of scarring the skin. First of all, because of so-called experts claiming that the procedure is ‘’unsafe’’, second of all because of poorly trained eyebrow technicians. I am convinced that when done correctly Microblading do NOT cause harm to the skin.

As a Trainer running regular Microblading Beginners Courses in my Academy, I am aware that a common mistake is to apply too much pressure. Strokes should be clean and confident, but I always teach my students to remember that pressure is key. By mastering the right pressure with hours of practice on latex pads (and weeks of training before being allowed to work on a live models) I teach my students to treat the skin with the care it deserves and that Microblading is an art AND a precise science.

Pressure will truly make or break the work of a Microblader and it is the responsibility of this new generation of Eyebrows specialists to spend money and time on the appropriate training. Studying Anatomy & Physiology in addition to the various functions of the skin is also key. The skin is the largest organ of the body and my ‘’Be Kind To The Skin’’ mantra defines my Microblading style & techniques. A ‘’ good Microblader’’ should be aware of the science behind Microblading and of the true impact of the procedure on the Epidermis & Dermis, allowing him to produce outstanding work for their customers.

How microblading changes your face.

The Golden Ratio is a common mathematical ratio. It is the most aesthetically pleasing proportion, most attractive to humans. Used by many artists like Da Vinci when he painted Mona Lisa, the most attractive faces have Divine Proportion that divide up the position of the eyes, nose, hairline, face length etc. An experienced Microblader will follow this ratio to create the perfect eyebrows and design a set just for you. Your new eyebrows will be created according to specific measurements and your own bone structure.

Think about how much time you will save in the morning not filling your eyebrows in! Think about looking ‘’put together’’ makeup free. Your new eyebrows will enhance your natural facial features and subtly change your face- close friends will ask what you did and why you look so good and you might find that strangers now stop you in the street to compliment your brows!
Microblading can also be life changing for those who have lost their eyebrows, from Cancer patients to Alopecia sufferers. The procedure has an immediate impact on confidence.

Eyebrows are truly the frame of the face and Microblading should be a bespoke and unique experience.
How much does microblading cost at Realistik Beauty?

Total cost for Microblade Eyebrows including your top up is £395. To make it easier for our lovely customers we break it down into 3 instalments: £150 deposit to secure your booking, £195 on the day of the procedure and £45 for the top up required approximately 6 weeks post treatment. If you are unsure about procedure, you can book a Free Consultation with Sian.

Sian Watkins - Platinum Cosmetic & Medical Tattoist, Microblading Trainer and Cosmetic Clinic Owner.

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